We believe that we can make your use of batteries safer and better.

We develop several kinds of predictive intelligence algorithms that improve different functions of lithium ion and other battery types used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, e-bikes, drones, medical equipment and aircraft. 

 One set of protocols is for preventing batteries from exploding.  Our solution provides a week advance warning prior to the cell reaching the threshold for an explosion compared to alerts of only seconds with other methods.  This exceptionally long advance notification period enables corrective action to be taken to avoid fires.

Another category of protocols will let you choose how  want to utilize the remaining capacity of the battery to best suit your needs. It is useful for eliminating range anxiety in drones and can be applied to other types of devices.

ALGOLiON, an Israeli start-up founded in August 2014,  has been recognized with grants from the Israeli Ministry of the Economy - Office of the Chief Scientist and the EcoMotion Accelerator.

We are also funded by the European Commission via our participation in a 8.2M Euro, 4 year battery safety electric vehicle project "EVERLASTING" http://everlasting-project.eu/​​

For more information, kindly contact us at: info@algolion.com

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