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Battery Safety As It Is Meant to Be

Advanced battery prognostics to ensure the best battery safety solution. For all lithium battery chemistries. For all battery sizes. For all applications. Always working.

AlgoShield can be deployed in various ways:

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 21.32.20.png

Embedded Software

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 21.32.29.png

SaaS Data Analysis

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 21.32.38.png

QC Stations

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Custom Microcontroller

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 21.33.26.png

Mobile App

UI screen.png

R&D Tool

All Markets: AlgoShield provides value wherever lithium rechargeable batteries are used. Our software has been embedded for use in a variety of products in beta-tests including electric vehicles and other e-mobility solutions, consumer electronics, aviation, energy storage systems, e-cigarettes, and medical devices.

Electric vehicle_Algo.png
Electric scooter_Algo.png
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Electric bikev_Algo.png

All Chemistries:  AlgoShield has been demonstrated to work on all types of lithium-ion and lithium metal rechargeable systems.

Cathode types:   NMC, NCA, LCO, LFP, ...

Anode types:      Graphite, Carbon, Silicon/Graphite, LTO, Lithium metal, ...

All Topologies:  AlgoShield has been applied successfully from the cell level up to 400 volt EV packs and even in multi-thousand cell energy storage system (ESS) installations.

Connections:    Series, Parallel, and combinations

Packs:               Cell, module, rack, bank levels

All Form Factors:  AlgoShield has been successfully demonstrated on cells from small mAH capacity types up to 65 Ah models, 18650 cylindrical models, and pouch cells.


For Re-purposing Batteries:  EV batteries at the end of life in vehicles still have useful capacity and are considered for second-use in energy storage systems (ESS). AlgoShield helps to determine the state of safety and life expectancy of these packs before investments are made to re-purpose them. We are working on this topic with several OEMs and cooperating with our agent and partner in the UK, Ever-Resource and companies in Asia.

Meets and Exceeds Regulations:  As of 2021 China is set to enforce new regulations for the safety of electric vehicles and their batteries, including a must-to-have 5-minute alert prior to thermal runaway. ALGOLiON enables you not only to meet this standard (GB-38031-2020) but also large safety margins to exceed it. Standards like this are starting to be enforced around the world as evidenced by the UN regulation GTR-20. Contact us for more details about how we can help you in this regulatory environment. There is some discussion that the 5 minute period should be extended to longer times for better protection of the vehicle and its surroundings including charging stations.

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