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It's all about catching small, telltale signs of internal cell faults while the battery is still operating safely so that preventive means can be taken to avoid damage.

AlgoShield generates a suite of key output parameters that can be used to trigger mitigating measures.

In three words: sensing, signaling, and prevention.

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early warning detection of fault precursors 1 week prior to explosion



pure software approach

no hardware sensors



saves recall, liability, damage and warranty expenses



calculates 5 key parameters for triggering preventive measures



multi-national portfolio

Asia, Europe, USA, Israel



on-site testing available

flexible business arrangements

Battery powered devices need rapid access to accurate information about changes inside the cell that may lead to fire and other dangerous events.

ALGOLiON improves the traditional battery monitoring techniques by identifying the basic underlying causes of safety risks before they cause critical damage.

   ALGOLiON helps you protect your 

           - products

           - batteries

           - users

           - bottom line


  • Just Software: The innovation is a pure software solution, making it very cost-effective without the need for expensive and bulky sensors or other hardware.

  • Analyzes Electrical Signals: It uses our worldwide patented quantitative algorithm systems to analyze the normally monitored dc current and voltage signals. These are the most direct indicators of early-stage problems. The software analyzes changes in the electrical signals, in both charge and discharge modes, created by benign precursors of internal defects when the battery is still operating safely.

  • High Reliability: Our software provides unprecedented safety and reliability by generating a multi-parameter output for deep analysis of internal faults. The system differentiates three states of risk: fault found, no fault found, and potential fault found. Utilizing several parameters neutralizes the effect of possible noise in the measurements since typically there remains adequate data to derive unaffected parameters for analysis.

  • Early Time Domain Response: AlgoShield alerts well before any significant temperature rise is detected by external temperature sensors. This has been demonstrated in certification test labs and by in-house testing for various conditions that drove cells into thermal runaway, like lithium plating, over-charge, and external heating.

  • Triggers Mitigating Measures: The output is used to avoid potential explosions and other hazards (swelling, venting, and other types of degradation) by triggering mitigating measures at the early stages of the risk. This provides critical time to effectively manage and control the situation. Examples of mitigating measures that could be used include activating cooling systems, limiting charging rate, regulating voltage and current, and even turning off the battery if needed.


  • Provides Value:: AlgoShield keeps your products up and running, avoiding downtime,  and improves your return on investment by helping to extend their lifetime. This is in addition to lowering your liability to fires, and helping OEMs guarantee performance and safety even as they add more powerful features and faster charging to their products.

  • Independently Tested: AlgoShield is being demonstrated in an e-van in Europe as part of our Everlasting EC H2020 project.  The solution has been successfully applied in battery testing at certified laboratories: TUV Sud in Germany as per IEC and UL standards as part of our EVERLASTING EC project, Impact Solutions in the UK as per the draft SAE International AS-6413 standard as part of our Sabatair EASA/EC project, and at DNV-GL in New York under our NYSERDA project in collaboration with ActaSys.

  • Received Recognitions: Our solution is recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency as a potential mitigating measure for lithium battery fires in cargo aviation under our participation in the Sabatair project; recommended to the US FAA by Boeing; the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry recommended the technology to Airbus; and it is approved by the US FDA for lab testing in collaboration with Leviticus-Cardio.

  • Verified: ALGOLiON has performed in-house testing that demonstrates the early warning capabilities of AlgoShield in a variety of conditions that drive cells to thermal runaway including over-charge, lithium plating, internal metal impurities, and external heating.

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