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The earliest warning battery hazard detection & prevention solution. 

And the only one based solely on software.


Our focus is on electric vehicles -

keeping the promise of e-mobility in a safe gear.  


The first and earliest warning battery hazard detection and prevention solution. It alerts you up to a week before thermal runaway fires or other damaging events occur.

We protect products, people, and your business.

Our software can be embedded into various platforms from BMS, apps, chips, equipment and even off-line for data analysis and cloud services.

The Problem - Lithium Battery Hazards

Lithium rechargeable batteries are usually safe, but not safe enough.

Sometimes they explode without warning.

No early-stage detection of the danger was available… until now.  

The explosion, called thermal runaway, can start from minor defects which are very difficult to detect in their early stages. They may go unnoticed for weeks as they develop. But once reaching a critical level they suddenly erupt releasing a tremendous amount of heat, with temperatures jumping to over 800 degrees C in a matter of seconds accompanied by the release of dangerous gases. The thermal runaway reaction is self-sustaining inside the cell and so is very hard to extinguish.

The Most Advanced and Cost Effective Solution for Preventing Lithium Battery Hazards

How are you protecting your products and customers from high energy

and high power lithium batteries?


We raised the bar for the industry with a week advance notice capability. Other solutions alert, at best, only minutes before an explosion and use more expensive, bulky hardware.


Introducing AlgoShield™, the real-time early warning lithium battery hazard detection and prevention solution for keeping your batteries from exploding.

Our patented algorithm system identifies the first early stages of precursors to dangerous defects that are too small to be detected by traditional methods.  


We analyze the regular dc battery current and voltage - the most direct indicators of  degradation - and then trigger protection measures to avoid problems.


AlgoShield protects your battery, products, and the people who use them. This increases the value of your products, improves your ROI on batteries by extending their lifetime, limits your exposure to liabilities, and enables safer faster charging and devices with more powerful features – without fear of explosions. It also helps build customer confidence in your products. 

AlgoShield is a pure software method. It works without sensors or special hardware. Our quantitative predictive algorithms analyze the normally monitored dc current and voltage.  Benign precursors of internal cell defects appear as changes in these signals. We analyze these signals and calculate output parameters correlated to early stage defects while the cell is still operating safely. 

The software continuously monitors the battery current and voltage during both discharge and charge for comprehensive, real time prognostics during operation.


Our Global Reach


Completed the first stage of a funded PoC project and now moving to the next stage. Boeing recommended ALGOLiON's technology for aviation use to the US FAA.

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EVERLASTING is a project funded under the European Commission Horizon 2020 Program to develop technologies for improving the safety and reliability of lithium batteries in electric vehicles (2016-2021). AlgoShield is installed in the BMS of a 43 kWH lithium battery in a demonstration e-van traveling on the roads of Europe. Partners include Siemens, CEA, Voltia, TUV Sud, and LionSmart. VITO is the project Coordinator. 

European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Our solution is recognized as a mitigating measure for thermal runaway as part of the Sabatair funded project for safe transport of lithium batteries in air cargo (2017 - 2020).The project is in partnership with Airbus and Impact Solutions, and managed by VITO,

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AlgoShield is being used for extending the driving range of EVs by triggering a smart thermal management system for on-board battery packs. Our partners are ActaSys and DNV-GL (New York) in this project (2020 - 2021).

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Received FDA approval (2020) for a multi-year test program of using AlgoShield to protect Leviticus-Cardio's battery operated implantable ventricle assist devices.

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Sunwoda and ALGOLiON are performing an on-going joint POC project on the application of AlgoSheild to EV batteries and their management systems under a Technique Cooperation Agreement.


Cuberg and ALGOLiON are cooperating in a Proof of Concept Project for applying AlgoShield to lithium metal anode rechargeable batteries.

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 18.13.10.png

ALGOLiON is participating in this new European Commission Horizon 2020 Program project (2021-2025) for addressing the safety and other needs of the EV market. Major EV automakers Mercedes-Benz, CRF and Ford are partners in the project.

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 18.08.50.png
Safe Cell

This project is funded under the European Commission EUREKA! program in coordination with the UK Innovation Hub and the Israel Innovation Authority (2020-2022). The project targets improving the safety management of lithium ion batteries. Our Partners include Impact Solutions, The University of St. Andrews and AGM Batteries Ltd..


ALGOLiON is a graduate of the first class (2015) of this Israeli accelerator for e-mobility start-ups. We were one of only 5 companies chosen out of a field of 50 candidates.

Israel Innovation Authority

ALGOLiON received a grant from the IIA under its TNUFA program in 2014 - 2016.


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