At ALGOLiON we believe that preventing battery hazards is much better than dealing with the damage after a safety event occurs. That is why we developed AlgoShield early warning battery hazard  detection and prevention software. And judging by the positive responses we received from the EV, consumer electronics, and other markets, companies agree with us. 

We are a dedicated, well knit team of software, battery, data analysis, and quality assurance specialists with deep industrial experience. Established in 2014, the company was founded by veteran battery experts, Niles and Alex, with previous startup successes and knowledge in algorithms and battery degradation processes.

We do our work so that you can get the most out of your batteries and the products they power, safely.

Niles Fleischer 

CEO, Co-Founder, Ph.D.

40 years of experience in the battery industry, over 70 patents in the field, CEO and founder of several successful high-tech companies

Alex Nimberger 

CTO, Co-Founder, Ph.D.

Battery expert (Lt. Col., ret.) in the defense field, with experience in all aspects of failure analysis of lithium-ion batteries


Anatoly Khoutoriansky 

Senior Software Engineer


Paul Mostinski 

Senior Data Architect

Ron Goldner
Director of Sales
and Business Development

Benji Landau
Data Analyst

Shay Gil
Software Engineer

Alex Gorodnev, Ph.D. 
Battery QC & Test Manager

Elyana Karo 

Prof. David Steinberg 

Tel Aviv University

Advisory Board

Statistical Analysis

Ian Solomon 
Advisory Board
Business Development

Eran Tamir 
Advisory Board

Guy Paradis 
Advisory Board
Intellectual Property


  • Battery test lab complete with temperature chambers, cyclers, and electrical evaluation instrumentation.

  • Integration lab for embedding software into hardware.

  • Thermal runaway laboratory with explosion chamber and remote monitoring equipment for safety testing under various abuse conditions.